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July 2, 2011


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Rules and FAQ | Contest and Event | Group News | Hall of Fame | Wall Of Shame | Member and Affiliate Announcement Board | 1001 Ways To Be A Stupid Fangirl and or Fanboy

So, because of some member's suggestion, we decide to open and make this big book 'How To Be A Stupid Fangirl' and everybody can contribute by telling us or commenting on this journal what is a stupid fangirl like :) (Of course I guess you all already know what is the real motives here ;D)

1. Claim your favorite character right away! They are yours! Nobody can take them from you! Bite them if they even dare to try.

2. Troll or hack or kill or stalk everybody that hate or bash your dear lovely favorite character. Make them go away or even ban them from DA.

3. Your favorite character is perfect! Nobody can bash them.

4. Another girl or boy as our favorite's character / husband / wife? HELL NO! Hate that pairing! They are all yours or... THEY ARE IN THE WAY WITH YOUR OTP

5. Haters must die

6. An anti group for your favorite character? Destroy them by spamming or trolling in that group!
7. Bash the character that you hate! Kill them or make an anti art for them!

8. Don't join any group that call you a bad fangirl (and or boy)

9. Be angry at the 'stupid fangirls' that roams the internet!

10. Disregard your beloved character's actual personality and write him/her as a mindless sex object/sex god/whiny pussy/insert OOC of your choice here. When somebody tells you that it's out of character, whine at them. Even better if you do this while harping on other people for their OOC pairings. (by Alicia-x-Itachi)

11. Draw your favorite character in any way you like, whatever they look like, with personality you like! Someone tell you it is bad? Troll and hate them. (by Medelsvensson)

12. Make a really good comment to your favorite picture of your favorite character or pairing using kawaii or desu or both repetitively and add some good words so it will be like this,"OMGZ it is so liekz kawaii desu! KAWAII! KAWAII! I LUV IT!!!11!!!" Someone tell you that you can't spell right? Nah, they are the one who didn't go to school

13. Make a super kawaii group about You / OC x Your favorite character. Ask your friends and watchers to join that kawaii group.

14. Draw your favorite character with yourself or your OC and submit it into your gallery. A picture that done in 10 minutes is also very good. Someone hate them? Ask DA to ban them.

15. Take a picture from your favorite anime and color it with your own color and add some beautiful gorgeous things and name it. It is your lovely OC. Somebody flame it? Flame them back. Beside, they don't know how awesome your OC is.

16. Use base and draw it 'beautifully' to make it more awesome

17. Randomly search the internet to bash someone just by seeing a comment not remotely related to why this fangirl or boy has started to bash you for. (by Andrassa)

18. There's no need to read aaaaaaaall the artist comment. They are boring >8I Just comment with angry silliness or doom or obvious questions (by kmilAEvelin)

19. Marry your favorite characters and bite anybody who want to take away your husbands / wives collections.

20. State it everywhere. In your journal, signature, website... ALL OF THE INTERNET MUST KNOW IT!

21. Buy every single thing related to your absolute favorite series and of your absolute favorite character until your finances are insufficient and you can't pay your bills. Then you have to sell those very same holy relics you just bought just so you can stay off the streets (by TheJinglier)

22. There is not a single soul living that has the ability to tell you that any character in the entire WORLD is better than your OC. S/he can fly, can shoot lasers out of his/her eyes, can beat everyone up who touches him/her, and is in a sexual relationship with every main character in every fandom in the entire world. Anyone tells you different, you call their character a Sue and tell them that they need to back the F*ck off! (by zexion83)

23. Automatically calling a critic a troll. It is not a critic if they tell bad things at your arts! (by OtakuCarrie)

24. Put your ideals into the character fan art. (IE, someone against gay marriage would have their favorite character saying something derogatory about gay marriage, make some bad thing or whatever with the common BL/Yuri pairing etc). (by 00Rubychan00)

25. Comment on other people's OCs and claim that they stole that idea from you even though you never said anything about it or drew concept art for it. Hey, its is in your mind already! Or, even better, tell an artist that their OC looks exactly like your favorite character and how dare they even think about taking something out of their mind and putting it on paper/in computer if it even has a slight resemblance to your favorite character. (by Jelly-Flava)

26. Make a DA group for your favorite character and/or pairing and say your group is the best even if there are only five members. Five members are worthy D8< !!! (by RollingTomorrow)

27. Obsessively make a fanlisting and sulk when no one looks at it. You work hard for it! People should respect it! (by RollingTomorrow)

28. When someone labels your character a Mary Sue, tell them that they have no imagination and that all their characters are boring. (by Lauren-Wolf)

29. Draw bad MS Paint art of your character having sex  with the canon character (x2 if it involves some sort of weird ass fetish (by Lauren-Wolf)

30. Heinously overprice commissions (by Lauren-Wolf)

31. Keep  telling everybody about your fandom or even stalk them and keep PM or text-message or call them to like it...

32. Recolor Characters from sonic the hedgehog and claim it original and tell others not to steal (by taira-kurasshu)

33. -Attempt to write fanfictions with lots of punctuation errors, grammatical errors, unnecessary uses of 666, xoxoxo, xxx, and describe in detail how you he tried to Put his thing into your you know what and your name must sound as dark as ebony. (by taira-kurasshu)

34. If people start trolling you about how OOC your newfound "cannon" pairing is, whine at them and call them homophobes, regardless of the sexual orientation of your pairing! Triple points if you tell them they voted for proclamation eight! (by ZEGCT1)

35. Once you grow out of your obsessive OC/Cannon pairing, move on to making two characters with no chemistry whatsoever senselessly have sex until dawn with each other: double points if you completely disregard their respective sexuality and other factors that determine who they are attracted to! (by ZEGCT1)

36. Ask help from your army or friends to attack your hater or troll them or abuse them... It's their fault, anyway.

37. Constantly re-incite you're favorite character's words no matter what. NO. MATTER. WHAT. because it's cool and it shows that you know a lot about the character. (by General-Asmodeus)

38. Say that you know a fluent language solely because you watch Hetalia. But don't worry... they don't know the language either. (by General-Asmodeus)

39. Pretend your childhood sucked ass and that no body liked you. They wont know you're copying Gaara so why not?! (by General-Asmodeus)

40. Spam a website by telling how awesome is your favorite characters and pairings. If they ban you, just register with another ID.

41. Constantly try to prove how canon your OTP is and get butthurt when no one gives a frog toe (by LiteraryWeapon)

42. Go to YouTube and find a video about a pairing that you hate then comment how bad and illogical and impossible the pairing is and tell them that your OTP is the best.

43. Go to a fan club dedicated to he pairing that you hate and bashed and flame and troll them.

44. Cosplay with your friend as your OTP (Canon or OC pairing), post them, and tell people how KAWAII DESU it is. Tell them they have no life when nobody comment  or tell you, you suck.

45. When telling other how awesome your OTP is, throw in random Japanese words ('kawaii', 'desu', shinigami, the honorifics, etcetera.) It proves that your OTP is more canon because your contender doesn't know as much Japanese as you. (by ZEGCT1)

46. When a person tells you that your OC or your fandom sucks, immediately take that as insulting you. Go and get your rabid fangirls true friends to hack, troll, bash, spam, bully, stalk, prey upon, or rape the person, even if he or she is completely right and you know it. :D (by marionette14)

47. When a person says 'bad things' about your character, pretend you don't care or pretend you laughed it off and get off the Internet while your rabid fangirls try to sound mature by being a flamebait to the obviously-right person  (by marionette14)

48. Write awfully written doujinshis/draw pictures pairing your oc's with all the male characters,changing personalities to your liking/making some characters have mindless sex etc etc and flip out when someone critiques you/or points out the flaws in your work. (by shoily

49. Your Favorite Character loves you. It matters not that he/she is imaginary, they love you with the same obsessive and fiery passion that you love them. (by HeionA)

50. Use the block feature whenever somebody gave you a critic or when they disagree with you.

51. If someone tells you that you've drawn porn (softcore or hardcore) of your favorite pairing, tell them your pairing can do whatever the hell they want, because they're in LUV, especially if they're adults!!! (by VoltaliatheMajestic)

52. When you are told that your OC looks like a copy of several other character different series, call them a meanie and spam your page with 'Stop copying my OC to other characters' throughout your page. (by Ashurii-YaoiFangurl)

53. If you can't draw your OC and the pairing you want, commission someone else and pass it off as your own. (by :devshurii-yaoifangurl:)

54. Keep commenting of how awesome your OTP is and flame the other pairings. Do it mostly on a fanart or fanfiction of a pairing that you hate. Make the creator realize and repent their sin.

55. Saying a canon character is a Mary-Sue just because you hate them, even if there is not enough sue-ish traits in the character to be a Sue. (by Espadaknight4)

56. Create a handful of OC's that are all demons with dark hair, red eyes, and pale skin. Make them help your OTP throughout the story until - gasp! - one of them turns traitor and becomes the main villain! This shows that you know how to create interesting characters, tension, and plot twists for your 'story'. (by ZEGCT1)

57. Write an entire doujinshi novel based on how your couple is perfect enough to survive (sometimes literally) going through hell. Also, force (a) more successful artists to line/color/shade/etc the cover for you. It'll be more official that way. (by ZEGCT1)

58. No matter what show you watch, always pair up the two hottest guys/girls despite their sexualities. Remember, forcing characters to be gay even if they aren't shows that you support homosexual relationships, even if you don't in real life! (by ZEGCT1)

59. Your character is the baddest bitch there is. They've got black hair with bright red/green/other highlights, combat boots, and a go-fuck-yourself attitude. They're super badass homosexual - they don't care what people think because they get laid thrice a day. They're also real, apparently, because they'll (threaten to) stab the face of anyone who calls them a Mary-Sue. The actual stabbing will occur off-panel/page...really. Oh, and they have bat/dark angel wings, too. And fangs, never forget those. (by ZEGCT1)

60. Remember - the terms 'Anime' and 'Manga' refer to an art style, not forms of television and graphic novels. Who cares what the actual name for the style is! You're calling "your" style that so that you don't confuse the less intelligent fans. Yeah...that's totally it. (by ZEGCT1)

61. Even if your super kawaii desu character isn't from Japan, throw in random Japanese words, honorifics, and phrases. Give them a Japanese name, too. You ARE "drawing anime", after all. (by ZEGCT1)

62. When you draw a comic strip, make it read right to left. Who cares if you're not Japanese, have never lived in (or even been to) Japan, and you're not intending to publish your work to Japanese citizens? You're "drawing anime", after all. (by ZEGCT1)

63. Post drawings of your OTP on your Facebook profile, even if they weren't drawn by you. Every single person you know needs to see how beautiful they are together, even if they don't honestly care. (by ZEGCT1)

64. Compare every non-human creature you've ever seen in an anime to a Pokemon, even if they're humanoid based. Your non-anime friends will think you're super legit. (by ZEGCT1)

65. Remember: You've never seen a single thing in your entire life that isn't anime based - no cartoons, movies, musicals, plays, songs, graphic novels, fan fiction, drawings...Nothing. (by ZEGCT1)

66. Rag on your friends for even slightly mispronouncing a single Japanese word. Who cares if you're not fluent in the Japanese language? You heard it once in an anime...seems legit. (by ZEGCT1)

67. Comment about how awesome is your favorite anime / character / actor / singer / etc at unrelated video or film, everywhere!

68. Try to be as much like your favourite characters as possible. Even if your favourite characters are in direct contrast, ie Sasuke Uchiha and Gir. (by w0lfey)

69.  Say things like "OMG PIE! I'M SO RANDOM!". It's, like ttly hilarious every time.  (by w0lfey)

70. Squee over international relations, history, politics and geography. HETALIA IS REEYUL YOU GUYS. (by w0lfey)

71. When you start randomly dancing and skipping around in public, which is okay if you don't mind the odd looks you're getting, but then you imagine your favorite character dancing with you, nude, and you start giggling crazily as you are, oddly, turned on. (by MistPower101)

72. When you start making out with, and feeling up, the empty air in front of you, imagining it as being your favorite character, no matter what their gender is, because oh it's okhey you just suppolt teh Japanese cultule and homosexuoolzz, hurr hurr. (by MistPower101)

73. Learn kawaii supar desu desu desu Wapanese Japanese. Yeah, that's right. When someone tells you that what you're speaking in incomprehensible (in other words: not Japanese), bombard them with "Japanese". They don't know what they're saying; they don't know or understand "Japanese" like you do, right? (by marionette14)

74. Someone prefers another show over your favorite show which has your oh so awesome favorite character? Bash them call them names and threaten to hurt them. For example, mutilate them ^^ (by Kell0x)

75. Mental disorders are the new black. If your character doesn't have one, you clearly haven't developed them in any way, shape, or form. Good options include making them bipolar, schizophrenic, and OCD...Just take your best guess about what those are instead of looking it up, though; research is for pussies! (by ZEGCT1)

76. Remember--your opinions matter, and only yours! Your opinions are far above everyone else! Who cares if other people disagree, and give valid points to prove they're wrong? You just tell them to fuck off, like that! :D (by The-Psychid)

77. Make an OC that is the exact male/female version of the character you want to pair them with then completely change their personality toward each other when they "fall in love". (by SupremeJillSandwich)
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bubbleonfire Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The misuse of honorifics is an especially touchy topic among my friends and I. We have a friend from Japan (who's name I shall not state) and when we would go to our normal group (most people there like anime or manga) people would be throwing around honorifics in the completely wrong context. To this day, if someone misuses honorifics she makes a face that says "what brand of stupid are you?"

(I have to somewhat disagree with 62. Just because I know people that want to write manga as a profession one day and write/draw right-to-left now so they're used to it in the future)
starlywing Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
as for number 38, i laughed. it is partially true that i did learn some words in other languages from hetalia, but i don't think i'll be using them unless i want a bar of soap shoved in my mouth. Thanks Spain, Romano, and maybe France for teaching me how to swear in other languages!
bubbleonfire Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree. I know a few words and phrases in different languages but I will not say that I'm fluent. I sometimes read fan fiction with different languages and translate them so that I can learn a little more.
WendyTheWeavile Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I have made a sonic OC once but it was actually original. I didn't recolor sonic or anything. I just looked at the style and made my own. He's not even a hedgehog he was a cat or something
PKleafychan470 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Turned favourite character into mindless sex object?

..... check.
PrincessTwilightP0ny Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
....i think ima fangirl.
TheInfamousEJsWife Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
After reading this.. I realized- >There are so many girls that do this at my school. 
But I do admit I've done 1 (in the past, man >w>''''''''like how old was I? 5 ? Xu) and pretty much 98.99% of this book I didn't know existed 

 This just made my night :meow:
El3ctro-Mess Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
Jesus I know so many people who do these things... at least I have only done half of these things when I was eleven and wont do it again. :)
EscapeingRunaway Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
I feel kinda of ashamed because I sometimes do this.
SuperFlandreBros Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I got one!:eager:
#78: When all else fails(In their little arsenal of [stupid and illogical] choices): BAAAWWWWLOCK ALL AND OR ANY HATE COMMENTS ON YOUR PAGE
It spoils your shipping/converting someone else to like your precious pairing chances by 100%
Not 70% Not 85% But 100%
I mean, your pairing is SOOO SUPER DUPER PERFECT, right?
If that doesn't work, then go [yandere] psycho on them!>:3 Cuz that's your EPIK ARGUMENT WINNER!
And that immediately chases away anyone who doesn't have the brains to realize how KAWAII you couple is!>8I

(If there there is something too similar in here that I didn't pay any attention to, please tell me.:))
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